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Sheri-D Wilson (by Kimberley French)

Sheri-D Wilson is the award-winning author of 11 books, the creator of four short films, and has released three albums which combine music and poetry. She is known for her electric performance-style, making her a favorite with local and international audiences. She has read, performed and taught at festivals across Canada, USA, UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Mexico, and South Africa.

In 2017, Wilson received her Doctor of Letters, honoris causa from Kwantlen University, after launching her new collection of poetry entitled, The Book of Sensations (U of C Press), and a full-length CD with poetry and music called Dragon Rouge.

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To book Poet Laureate, Sheri-D Wilson named Calgary Poet Laureate.


In my two-year tenure as Poet Laureate of Calgary, I will present many opportunities for the community to get involved, and to participate in exploring their own creativity. These events will be called POETROLOGY. Further to that, it is my imperative to provide space for the participants to share their makings.

Whenever you see the word POETROLOGY—you know you are invited to play within and around a poetic experience!
Wherever you see the word POETROLOGY—you will likely find Sheri-D Wilson and a Poetry Posse.
Whatever your perceptions of poetry—POETROLOGY will inspire you to know something new.

This is your chance to contribute!


Petrology’ means: the branch of science concerned with the origin, small-scale structure, and composition of rocks’.

One day I wrote the word ‘petrology’ in my notebook beside my keyboard. Later I was on phone, doodled little circles on the same page. That is when the word petrology became poetrology—and the moment I saw the word emerge—this journey was ignited into action.

Poetrology’ means: a branch of poetry concerned with the origin, the stories and the composition of a community. It is an examination of what creates the fabric of a community through the stories of its people.


Often when you attend a performance, you: buy a ticket, arrive at a designated time, receive a program, anonymously sit down in a seat, and you watch the show as a disembodied attendee.

Either you like it, or you don’t—generally applauding either way. And maybe you hit a restaurant or grab a beer on your way home—uninspired, unchallenged.

When you hear someone say, “Art is meant to disrupt,” what does that mean to you?


When you attend a Poetrology event, you: go online, book a position, arrive, write your player-name on a tag (you are not anonymous). You are invited to bring any art making-tool you can dream of—pens, paper, paints, cameras, phones, videos, computers, et cetera.

Then, you’re invited to be part of the experience—which means you are invited to interact with the art-stimulus—so the artist becomes the subject and you become the artist.

You’re welcome to document, interact or respond to the event with authentic action—within the realm of creativity. We call on you to avoid polarities—and suggest openness and objectivity instead.

Experience a Poetrology event

We live in this world of like
and dislike, like and dislike, like
and dislike—like, like, like.

Of right and wrong, good
and bad, friend and unfriend.

We make snap decisions
judgement after judgment
every time we check our status
like, dislike—thumbs up, thumbs
down—thumb-speak all around.

attempts to disrupt the formula
or construct of the grid.

Share your Poetrology: After the live event, you are invited to upload your findings to—making you part of the overall performance of the evening, as art extends through life.

In this way, the artists performing become the subjects for you to interpret and incorporate as you develop your own expressions.

This will be a poetic experience. It is jazz. It is surrealism. Prepare to play!


Poetry Hacking | PoetrologyLet there be Poetry Hacking: The Performing Poets will submit a poem in advance. The poem will be cut into smaller snippets line-by-line and placed into an envelope. You will be invited to choose an envelope and tape the pieces of the poem into a poem of your adoption. Mix, remix!

When the Performing Poets share their work—they will include the poem you hacked—so you are able to hear the order they placed the lines in. This may propel you to see and hear and experience poetry in a new way as you will be personally connected.

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